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Sold individually

A three-man rock band, and the strong-hearted and patient women who take them on! Definitely not suitable for kids; we've got some steam going on here! Click the series title, above, to explore!

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Sold as a box set and individually

Warning: Not at all “clean,” so if you don’t like the sexy, this isn’t for you. Also: Might make you laugh out loud at inappropriate places like work, on the subway, or waking up the sleeping partner in the middle of the night because you couldn’t put it down at bedtime. Click the series title, above, to explore!

Sold as a box set and individually

America's newest fad: Cupid's Quest! The romance adventure reality TV show where the contestants are filmed 24 hours a day (yes, even in the potty!) while racing around the world on bizarre, entertaining challenges. (And with a trilogy of novels, you don't have to wait until next week's episode. Dive in! The series is complete and waiting for you!) Want to know more? Click the series title, above.

Sold as a box set and individually

Three women--as close as sisters--share a beloved "grandmother by choice." As Callie, Cleo, and Rita rally to keep sweet, ancient Mimi in her decaying home, they each confront challenges that threaten to derail them...and meet possible True Loves who could hold the key to everlasting happiness. Or maybe not... To binge on all the details, click the series title, above.


Sold as a box set and individually

The same conversations happen in each of these three books--just told from a different person's perspective. So as you read through the series, things become clearer. Fun!

Three women inherit magnificent (if odd) properties worth millions. Over the course of a year, they become friends. Plus--guys, of course. Yum. Want more detail? Click the series title, above.

So far, it's a series of one...but I have plans for three more!

Enjoy a light-hearted romp for the holidays (or whenever you need a hit of holiday cheer) with a Christmas novel to touch the inner child in you (plus the grown-up who likes a steamy scene where the kids can't see!) Full description available. Just click the series title, above.

You Decide Stories


A Spirit Guide for Anna Maria

Anna Maria’s handsome boss Troy turns out to be a snake. To land the account, he tells a potential client Troy is engaged to Anna Maria. That would be bearable if only Anna Maria didn’t then fall in love with the client. Thank heavens she discovers she has a spirit guide to get her out of this mess!


A SPIRIT GUIDE FOR ANNA MARIA was a “YOU DECIDE: story, provided to subscribers every week. “The readers voted on turning a romcom into a paranormal (a bold and fun departure from my usual style!) and suggested new ideas so the story we ended up with was nothing like what I’d envisioned in the beginning” says author Pru Warren. “But each week the story got better, funnier, more fun. Minor characters like Sunshine the graphic designer or Milton the bartender turned out to be so popular with the voters that they became major players in the story…which just got better and better! I’m really proud of what we ended up with!”


Emma's Mission

An adrenaline junkie, a lethal mercenary, and an octogenarian master spy make an unlikely trio in the race to save a very good man from very bad blackmail.

Emma’s Mission was a “You Decide” story, provided to subscribers every week. “The readers voted on what happened next or suggested new ideas, so the story we ended up with was nothing like what I’d envisioned in the beginning,” says primary author Pru Warren. “But each week, the story got better, funnier, more fun. By far the most popular character—Bernie the old lady spy—was a reader suggestion. And a damned good one! I’m proud to bursting of what we came up with. Elegant Emma, lethal Dmitri, and deceptively skillful Bernadette—not to mention Norah, the sleepy Newfie—may be my favorite characters ever.”

Join the “You Decide” crowd by diving into a fun, surprisingly substantial read—and keep your eyes open. This worked out so well that we might do it again!

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Love Gone Viral (out of print)

Five romantic and eclectic tales of love during the CoronaVirus. Stories to delight you from Meredith Bond, Meg NapierRandi GoldleifM. Spencer, and Pru Warren. All proceeds from the sale of Love Gone Viral are being donated to Feeding America and World Central Kitchen.

To read "Joan's Journal," my story in Love Gone Viral, sign up for my newsletter. You'll be able to download the story and then get the epilogue--either the sweet version or the down-and-dirty one. No judgment!

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