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Permanent Acknowledgments


If you could dream up a mentor who led you through the wilderness, you couldn’t improve on Mindy Klasky, who took me by my hand and gently explained that the book I thought was a romance had actually missed on every single point… and then she told me why. And how to fix it. She’s allowed me to follow her around like a puppy, and she breaks down the world of romance into tiny chunks which she feeds me as soon as I’m ready to handle more. Mindy is a goddess, and a hell of a good writer. Want charm and delight with your romance? Treat yourself to – you will not be sorry.


My sister Lexie has always hounded me to let her read the next book; she told me every single one was “the one” that would get published. She’s not as skilled in the romance world as Mindy (in fact, Lexie doesn’t read romances except mine!), but she’s the best cheerleader in the world. When I’m low, I call Lexie and she hauls out the industrial crane and picks me back up again.


My mother Sally gave me “The Flame and the Flower” (Kathleen Woodiwiss; old school and easily still the equal to everyone writing today) when I was just old enough to dive into it with fanatical fascination. Even through the times when reading romance was considered mildly embarrassing, Mom and I would swap books. “This is a good one!” (To up her bona fides, Mom also gave me Georgette Heyer and Nancy Mitford, so she was entitled to put her literary nose a little higher in the air.) I wish she could have been around to see a book with my name on the cover – but her work was done, and she deserves her rest. (I should be able to call her in the afterworld, though, and just let her know!)

And can you stand how gorgeous my website is?? That's my other sister, Twig. She is LIGHTYEARS cooler than me, and I'm so grateful she shared some of her style with me! No, you can't have her; she's not designing websites anymore. Truly - that's a loss to the entire planet. Thanks, Twig!

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