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I've read my share of romance author bios; I’m well aware that you expect to learn:

  1. The state I live in, but no more than that since we all hope we’ll develop such rabid fans that we have to hide our true identities like superheroes. The bestselling authors probably all live in bat caves.

  2. My marital status, especially if I’m married – in which case I have to refer to my personal “happily ever after.”

  3. The number and possibly ages of my offspring, and how they’re patient with me when I’m writing.

  4. My hobbies, which for all romance authors inevitably seem to include reading and knitting.

  5. Most importantly, you expect to know about my pet or pets, including name and breed.


I don't want to disappoint, so (1) Virginia, (2) widowed; he broke my heart and died way too early, (3) 25, male, a hell of a good kid, (4) reading, knitting (duh; would Miss America NOT answer “World peace, Stan!”?), (5) Selma the cat.


More to the point – I have a total God Complex. It is my chief delight to plot and write a world in which I can make people act exactly as I want them to act (even if they occasionally astonish me). 

The basic structure of any good story is “Create a heroine. Get her up a tree. Throw rocks at her.” Embroidering on that is DELICIOUS. How high a tree? What kind of rocks? What did she do to inspire such an attack??


Ohhhh, writing romantic comedy is nothing short of BLISS, with GIGGLES thrown in. And really, that’s all you really wanted to know, isn’t it?


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