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The Surprise Heiress Series

When a university librarian they barely remember leaves three unrelated women incredible estates in her will, the women become Surprise Heiresses.


Breath of Fresh Heiress

In Book 1: City girl Grace McReady has always let men make her decisions. But is she just a pretty face? Grace discovers she has hidden depth and a surprisingly innovative brain when she inherits a huge, decaying mansion in western Tennessee.

Rem Jackson was the town’s Golden Boy until everything went wrong. There’s only one thing standing between Rem and his dream of saving the town (and his reputation)—and she just moved into the River House to torment him.

Add a warrior kitty, an aged feminist who swings a wicked cane, and a pair of thigh-high stiletto boots, and you’ve got a Breath of Fresh Heiress—a sexy romantic comedy.


Full of Hot Heiress

Book 2: Impassioned immigration lawyer Hannah Maitland is a Liberal With A Cause. Her inheritance—a bizarre funhouse in Beverly Hills—confuses her. Are the hundreds of collections heaped inside clusters of trash, or astonishing treasures? And what good could she do with the money when she sells them all off?

Landscape architect Eli Dark is a staunch conservative who needs a way into the lucrative Beverly Hills market. The only way in is to team up with the newest resident, the liberal hottie who pushes all Eli’s buttons in the worst way. And the best.

Add a free-range ostrich, a massive water slide, and heated battles in and out of the bedroom between two people who can’t agree on anything, and you have a situation that’s Full of Hot Heiress—a sexy romantic comedy.


Vanished Into Thin Heiress

Book 3: Ivy Connors has been hiding from her celebrity childhood for ten long years. When she inherits a decaying and fabulous oil baron’s estate on the Canadian border, she decides she’ll use this opportunity to recreate the traditional childhood she didn’t get.

Lance Tucker is ready to be the knight in shining armor to Ivy’s emotional adolescence. But Lance has issues of his own—and a guy that good looking already has more than a few damsels in distress to rescue. Ivy’s fairy tale gets a little wobbly.

Every girl needs a pony, and every pony needs a pet horse. Although Ivy just wants to hide from the world, with all this going on, she finds it hard to remain incognito after she Vanished Into Thin Heiress—a sexy romantic comedy.

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