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The Christmas Pageant

“When a Broadway legend gives you an audience, you don’t look a gift professorship in the mouth!”

When Elliott Trevarrow’s college theater class gets the chance to put on a last-minute Christmas pageant for one of Broadway’s most influential impresarios, there are no hoops he won’t jump through. Especially if Darcy, the beautiful dancer he’s been worshiping from afar, will be part of the team.

Now Elliott and his friends are off to a palatial mansion on the Canadian border to put on a theatrical production for countless adorable, big-eyed children who ask innocent and impossible questions like “Is Santa Claus real, yes or no?” He’s got to write and direct the pageant, impress the boss, and earn Darcy’s love. So it comes as a total surprise to Elliott when he realizes he’s been on a quest for The True Meaning of Christmas all along.

Funny, touching, and sexy—The Christmas Pageant is a dip into something delightful for anyone who’s looking for a happy, pine-scented romcom dash through the Christmas season.

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