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Cupid's Quest Series

Climb aboard the Arrow (that's the name of the Cupid's Quest plane that flies paired contestants all over the globe) to experience a trilogy of books about the craziest search for love and adventure!

Cupid's Quest
Season 1

Cupid’s Quest is definitely not your typical romantic comedy!

“Why would anyone cast me in an adventure show? Every single person in that auditorium is beautiful. They’re all fit. They’re all strong. What am I doing here?”

Joss O’Neil is nervous about competing in a globe-trotting reality program. But she can’t resist the prize: Millions of dollars to the winner. Plus, the producers insist they’ve found the perfect mate for each contestant. So Joss summons her courage and embarks on Cupid’s Quest.

Tucked into the intimacy of an intercontinental plane ride with charming Luke…trekking across an Antarctic ice floe (in bathing suits, no less) with red-headed Knox…dancing a Parisian minuet in the Court of the Sun King with bold, bald Theo—soon Joss realizes there are too many possible One True Loves in her life.

Each week it seems that life can’t get any more crazy…and then it does. Cupid’s Quest—the global search for love and treasure—is escapist giggles for readers who like their love stories on the steamy side!

Cupid's Quest
Season 2

I stopped in front of a display of headshots pinned to a board. This season’s Cupid’s Quest contestants. And right in the middle, my photo. I stabbed it with my finger. “And no more adorable red curls! I don’t want to be known as The Redhead, for god’s sake! I’m a great comic. I have dirt. I have grit. I can go through depression, just like the greats!”

Knox Dobiecki was the fan favorite in Season One of Cupid’s Quest, the new hit adventure reality show—but that didn’t help him land any gigs as a stand-up comic. Offered the chance to return to the show, Knox is determined to change his cute boy-next-door image.

Lie, cheat, steal? No problem. Sex with willing contestants? Absolutely. Maybe a fist-fight with one of the smaller male contestants, if it wouldn’t hurt too much? Hm. Maybe. But Knox’s sweetheart reputation has preceded him, and Cupid’s Quest voters pair him with Edwina, the straight-laced girl next door. How’s he supposed to look tough now?

From the northern lights to the Amazon River and beyond, Knox must find out what’s really important. Is it building a bad boy reputation? Winning the competition? Realizing that maybe Edwina is a lot cooler than he thought? Cupid’s Quest Season Two is just as funny, startling, and sexy as the first season!

Cupid's Quest 
Season 3

“Jane-Alice, I picked you for the show because you’re a vixen. A manipulator. And you’re every man’s wet dream, with all that hair and those newly-impressive breasts. But we all forget just how smart you are.” “Great. Good. I like it that way.”

Jane-Alice Carroll had been forced into the role of the villain in Season One of Cupid’s Quest, the hit adventure reality show. When the call came to return for Season Three, Jane-Alice knew this was her shot at redemption…and one more chance at the multi-million-dollar prize.

But all her plans go out the window when she gets a look at who’s coming along on the adventures. A handsome airplane pilot, an auto mechanic with a rockin’ body, a bartender with a panty-melting smile—they all pale next to the true grand prize: The show’s new sponsor.

He’s old. He’s single. He’s a millionaire many times over. He’s perfect. Can Jane-Alice land her dream husband, even when a South Seas monsoon strands them on a tropical island with no way to get home? Sexy times with the wrong people, adventure, laughter and all the feels fill the third season of Cupid’s Quest!

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