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Oh, NOW We're Talking!

Wednesday, November 17—9:33 PM

It seems to be distressing Lucho that the entire day has been spent blissfully hidden away in cabins, napping and being content.

But at last something happened:

Drake’s Passage!!

The waves are much bigger this time, and a fairly large chunk of passengers didn’t appear for dinner. Several opted to leave before being served—while waves crashed over the bow and I tried not to laugh out loud every time the ship went up the side of a mountainous wave and then came crashing down, like an amusement park ride you don’t have to wait in line for.

After dinner, we hardy souls make our way up to the bridge, where the ride was somehow tamer, wilder, and more fun than hidden away in the dining room. We spent our time divided; should we try for a slo-mo recording of a big wave crashing over the bow? Or try to spot the MANY humpback whales blowing out their exhales at one o’clock (and two o’clock) (and three o’clock)? Scottish Rachel is a whale whisperer; she can spot them no matter where they try to hide, and she was the one who finally confirmed they were humpbacks.

Oh, it was an action-packed time on the bridge! I managed to record one of the smaller bow waves, which I shall attempt to upload. The video shows just three seconds, but in slo-mo, it’s a nine-second video, so I hope the internets can handle that out here in the middle of the humpback highway.

It’s going to be a blissful night’s sleep tonight!

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1 Comment

Nov 19, 2021

Wow. You'll never wait on line at King's Dominion again!

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