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Busby Berkley

During the Great Depression, people couldn't get enough of fabulous extravaganzas, like Busby Berkeley musicals in which thousands of pretty girls formed ever-more-ornate pyramids and wealthy women in feather boas had grand romances with witty men. Nothing could better lift a person away from grim reality.

I can't help but feel that we're in a parallel moment now. The rom-com is the hottest form of romance at the moment, and romance itself is doing the digital equivalent of flying off the shelves. People are longing for some grins and giggles, some women in feather boas, some happily-ever-afters.

And who can blame them? Our world is seeded with chaos and confusion. A good love story is a nice way to temporarily switch off the stress and relax the brain. I love writing romances--and I can't help but feel that my profession is more important now than ever before! I'm not a First Responder, but I'm at the ready with a laugh and a hot kiss when readers are in need!

Love my job!

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