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I got to do a Facebook "takeover" of a romance reader's group (Coffee, Cupcakes, and Contemporaries, which I can recommend as an exceedingly nice group of people), and I attempted to post an image that I thought was appealing and eye-catching. Look - isn't this nice?

I took it from a royalty-free site; everything legal and aboveboard. Perfect for a discussion of romance novels.


Facebook immediately - IMMEDIATELY - refused. It was computer-fast, not stern-sensor-with-a-pinched-expression fast. Facebook told me in no uncertain terms that I was violating standards of decency by attempting to post such nudity. And (unbeknownst to me) Facebook also alerted all the other administrators of Coffee, Cupcakes, and Contemporaries to warn them that they were THIS CLOSE to being PERMANENTLY SHUT DOWN AND BANNED FROM THE VILLAGE.

Wait - for THAT??

So, now I'm casting about looking for support. You tell me. In your opinion, is this photo indecent?

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