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Old Fart Muttering

In this very crazy world, there are FAR more important things to worry about--and a 61-year-old lady really shouldn't be commenting on pop music for the yung'uns. But I am bound (both as a romance author and as an experienced and wise old crone) to note that internet sensation Olivia Rodrigo has NO idea how relationships are supposed to go. Every time I'm driving around in my swanky old lady car, the song "Traitor" comes on the radio and I end up shouting at her. Here's the premise, according to Olivia:

She's dating this guy. She thinks he really likes someone else. He tells her she's being paranoid, and she mostly bites her tongue "so I could keep you." Then they break up and two weeks later, he goes out with the other woman. "You didn't cheat," croons Olivia--confirming that the guy DID NOT CHEAT--"but you're still a traitor to me."

Now, this just pisses me off. He didn't cheat. He treated Olivia with respect. He even waited a full two weeks before asking out a woman he liked, since his relationship with Olivia was now over. What did he do that was so wrong?? None of this is the act of a traitor. Olivia does not know what "traitor" means, apparently.

She continues her entitled wailing, saying "I really wish you'd thought this through before I went and fell in love with you." This is when I start thumping on the roof of the car with my fist. "BETTY," I say sternly to the radio, "Get over yourself.” This poor guy didn't sign a monk's pledge when he was dating you; he's allowed to talk to other people. And if he comes across someone he thinks he might have a connection with--and if you and he "call it quits" after he does NOT sleep with the other woman--and if he waits politely before asking the other woman out, then HE HAS DONE NOTHING WRONG. Do not call that poor bastard a traitor for all of America to sing along with.

Listening to pop music is WAY more fun than listening to MSNBC or Fox News. They just get me upset.

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