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O Plastic Time - so fast and yet so slow!

Here’s what came up on my Facebook “Memories” page for today. I wrote this ONE YEAR AGO (that's all??!) when I stopped being a freelance fundraising copywriter and decided to charge full-tilt into writing romantic comedy novels. The learning curve has been STEEP – but oh so very fascinating! Here’s the memory:

July 16, 2019: So... I'm going to retire. No more fundraising copywriting, unless someone wants an annual report with a secret trap door or a love scene on page three of a prospecting letter. Instead, I'm going to go full-bore at learning to be a romance writer. The path is steep, but my enthusiasm is endless! I'm going to get my current clients through the end of the year, so they'll have time to find a replacement. And then it's going to be all conflict-between-inner-and-outer-desires and tragic Black Moments and villains convinced that they're the hero. OH LORD, DON'T LET ME BE HIT BY A BUS NOW!

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