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Love Gone Viral

I was sitting around pretending I was being productive but actually playing solitaire when an email bonged in.

It was from Meg Napier, a fellow member of the Washington Romance Writers. Meg and I had met, but we hadn’t progressed beyond the nod-and-smile stage. She was asking the group – did anyone want to join with her in a Corona-inspired short story collection of romances? And we’d donate all the proceeds to Feeding America and World Central Kitchen?

I HAD been thinking of a pandemic romance. So I wrote to Meg. Would she accept an unpublished author with no experience?

Meg is a delight. She took me on without a single word of caution to me, and she led me to greater confidence.

Plus she found three others who wanted to play, too – and so I suddenly had more sisters. Meredith Bond shared all her experience and kindness. Randi Goldleif and I bonded over “I know – I’m supposed to be working, too” emails. And M. Spenser – who often writes erotica – informed all four of us about aspects of her literary world that made us all feel as sheltered as nuns. Very, very interested nuns.

I’m so proud to be a part of this work, and to be associated forevermore with four women who delight me. And as a bonus, my first foray into print will benefit people stricken hard by the virus.  And man – that’s good karma!

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