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Today, I’m a hopeful writer…

…tomorrow, I’m an author.

My first book (Cyn & the Peanut Butter Cup) goes live tomorrow on (I’ve counted) 65 selling platforms around the world, including two with no names I can read and only flags to identify them. (I’m signed up with a service that markets books in far-flung nations, which is entertaining—but I don’t know what is meant by the unicorn logo in the purple D, or the flag which may or may not represent the nation of Turkey; I’m frankly almost MORE amused by NOT knowing.)

For an agreeably long time, people have giggled over something I’ve written and flattered me with the statement “You should write a book.” And I’d blush and store up the compliment like Smaug on his mountain of gold and go on about my business.

But now I HAVE written a book. And tomorrow it will be published.


Now, between you and me, the advent of self-publishing has somewhat dimmed the luster of being a published author because Gwendolyn, I can tell you: There’s some garbagio out there. And maybe more than some.

But not mine!

Thanks to TWENTY-SIX PEOPLE who helped, my book is bright and lively and funny and sexy and fun. It’s not deep. It’s not remarkable. It won’t remake the world and Oprah would NEVER pick it for her book club. (Too happy.) But it’s a fun and frothy read, and I dig it. I’m proud of it.

Yes, 26 people were involved in this book. I counted. My book has an editor, a copy editor, a proof-reader, two mentors, seven beta readers, a promotions genius, a website designer, the support of three bloggers, a brilliant cover designer, seven newsletter volunteers who should be posting reviews tomorrow…and me.

I had more support and assistance than I ever would have imagined. And so we see the evolution: Today—I think I’ll try to write a book.

Tomorrow—I am a published author.

Check ME out!!

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