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Endorphin Addiction!

Oh, yeah--you can get addicted to it. Lucky people get endorphins from exercise, but that ain't me. I get endorphins from publishing a book (which is why my waistline isn't nearly as photo-ready as my cranium!). DASH & THE MOONGLOW MYSTIC is now live and available; book 2 in my Ampersand Series.

(Book three, ELLYN & THE WOULD-BE GIGOLO, will go live on Oct. 19 and book four (FARRAH & THE COURT-APPOINTED BOSS) will complete the series on Nov. 18.)

I'm getting that sweet hit of naturally-occurring endogenous morphine (for that is what "endorphin" is) and I am digging the high!

I love a rom-com. I love books. I love the idea that someone will buy the words that used to be nothing but electrical impulses in my brain and pretty soon they will be drawn into the world that seems so real to me, too--and there we'll be, together, at a mythical Wyoming dude ranch surrounded by counterfeiters and con artists pretending to be psychics . There will be bears and square dancing and glamping and the tension and excitement and heat and sweetness of romance. All kinds of derring-do and giggle-ish delight.

I heart this big-big! To every reader: Welcome to my brain. I hope you have fun!

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