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The Aftermath Series


Rock band romance--what could be more fun?!

Happily Ever Aftermath (book 1)

A young woman trying to get her MBA—a rock band in search of stardom—a guitar player desperate for a decent night’s sleep. Oh, and there’s a dog too. And explicit sex (but not with the dog).


Nicky was supposed to be finishing her masters in a nice, quiet accounting firm, not riding a tour bus across the nation with the opening act in the summer’s hottest tour. She’s out of her depth but swimming hard, because Archer (the band’s lead singer) is the hottest guy she’s ever seen.


Meanwhile, Ian (on lead guitar) is famously grumpy. Nicky’s cheery optimism grates on his nerves…except there’s something about her. Ian would stay out of the way of true love if Nicky really wants Archer. But is that really who she should be with?


HAPPILY EVER AFTERMATH has no social relevance. There will be no thoughtful reviews in the New York Times and it won’t be chosen for anyone’s book club. However, it is sexy, steamy fun for those who are just looking for a few hours of delicious escape!

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The Morning Aftermath (book 2)

“Archer’s mother and sisters told him he walked on water so often that he’s always surprised when he tries it and gets wet.”


Can a man as hopelessly vain as Archer Armstrong be redeemed? The lead singer of the hot rock band Aftermath does not lack for self-confidence. When Aftermath’s new agent stirs up publicity by putting Archer into a charity auction, the full-court swagger is on full display.


He’s bought by social media influencer “Opinionated O’Connor,” who horrifies the band when she tells the world that Archer kisses with his teeth. Disaster! Archer’s bottomless vanity runs out. What to do with a band frontman who’s too nervous to go on stage?


The answer is dating school—with O’Connor. She agrees to teach him, as long as she can post about each date to the growing fascination of the world. If that’s what it takes to get his swagger back…ugh. This isn’t going to end well.


THE MORNING AFTERMATH will not make you smarter. It won’t do your taxes or clean out your sock drawer. But it will give you a brief mental vacation featuring laugh-out-loud giggles, hot sex scenes, and the sock-blocking intervention of a large Great Dane.

Before and Aftermath (book 3)

Long before he was the popular drummer in Aftermath, Mal bravely faced off with bullies in the playground at recess…and one little girl was watching.


Mal is a sweetheart. Everyone agrees. He’s a big brother to all, defending anyone who needs a champion. But Mal’s got some secrets he’s been brooding over, and his childhood is about to bump up against award shows, TV appearances, and crowds of screaming fans.


Prentice is the American equivalent of a princess. She’s from a seriously wealthy family and is expected to pair off with some young prince from “our people.” But she’s been bullied almost from the cradle by one junior master of the universe, and the only person who ever stood up for her is now the drummer for the fastest-rising rock band in the nation.


Conditions are ripe for true love. Mal’s a decent guy and Prentice is all grown up in the best ways. Why shouldn’t they date? It’s not all smooth sailing, though, and Mal’s past is about to bite him in his handsome posterior. Can Prentice hold on to her hero? BEFORE AND AFTERMATH is the sexy, steamy conclusion to the Aftermath trilogy. It’s not going to win a Grammy, but it’ll make a few of YOUR hours fly by!

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