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Treat yourself to a twisty, comedic romantic adventure. Because life is too short to be serious!



For fans of Jennifer Crusie, Lucy Score, and Janet Evanovich, a classic fish-on-a-horse out of water tale of romance, laughter, and adventure. Ace FBI agent Dash Ashwood is sent to track down counterfeiters at a luxury dude ranch. Expecting only crime, he finds he must also deal with a dizzying array of con artists boldly masquerading as psychics, one seriously stubborn horse, and the most fascinating woman he’s ever thought about arresting.

Evadne Nym reluctantly becomes the Moonglow Mystic not to commune with the celestial spheres but just to pay her bills. But Evie has hidden skills, and a powerful interest in Dash. Is she really a psychic? Will she help him solve the case, or will he put her behind bars? Will they risk everything to fall in love?

Dash & the Moonglow Mystic is the sexy follow-up to Cyn & the Peanut Butter Cup.

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